Clean, Sustainable Energy for Future Generations



Tri-Gen-Zero™ is more than a technical concept for clean energy, but an ideal borne from an ancient Indigenous philosophy that ties all of us to our environment and inherent responsibility for keeping the planet clean, safe, and habitable for future generations.

The entire concept may be understood as allowing us to practice sustainable production for multiple generations so that we can continue to live in balance with the natural world. With Tri-Gen-Zero™, it is possible to convert natural gas into electricity, water, and food with zero carbon emissions until a transition to renewable energy can be achieved.

The name, “Tri-Gen-Zero” reflects the three goals of 4 Skies and the infrastructure projects that it deploys.

“Tri” stands for the three products that each system produces: food, water, and electricity. “Zero” holds the importance of achieving zero carbon emissions to protect the environment. Together, they form a system which produces basic necessities while protecting the environment and strengthening communities.


4 SKIES Tri-Gen-Zero™ model delivers remarkable results:

A highly efficient power plant which can achieve up to 61% efficiency (NG to electric efficiency)

A highly efficient and highly profitable, self-sustaining, organic produce growing operation

Zero CO2 emissions