Clean, Sustainable Energy for Future Generations


4 SKIES has integrated vertical farms into Tri-Gen-Zero™ to contribute to community food security, capture carbon emissions, alleviate pressures on agricultural land, and support growing populations. 

In comparison to conventional agriculture, vertical farming makes more efficient use of land, water and energy to grow food free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives without GMO seeds. Additionally, it creates dramatically fewer greenhouse gas emissions through transportation as vertical farming operations can be located closer to population centres. 

As the global population is forecasted to dramatically increase, and with most prime agricultural land already in use, conventional agricultural practices will be insufficient to meet future demand.

With extreme weather becoming more common, new innovations in food production are needed to support the burgeoning human population. Sustainability and scalability have been built into the very foundations of Tri-Gen-Zero™ systems to ensure that it has have a place in the resilient food systems of the future. 


Proprietary LED lighting provides light for plants with customized lighting "recipes" that ensure optimum and uniform growth. As each crop has an optimized light mixture, growers can grow herbs, leafy greens, flowers, strawberries and many other crops indoors, all year long. Whereas greenhouses only allow for a single layer of crops to grow, LEDs can provide light to multiple tiers of crops for a more efficient use of space.