Clean, Sustainable Energy for Future Generations


Our Philosophy

4 SKIES is committed to the application of Indigenous philosophy as it concerns the theory and practice of sustainability. This foundation for all of 4 SKIES’ work originates in ancient Indigenous understandings of Natural Law known as the Medicine Circle. 

The Medicine Circle provides a model for examining components of creation and how humans can sustainably connect with the web of life on our planet. This strategic ideal is established to negotiate the complexities of ‘humans with nature’ relationships while providing balance to social, environmental, economic and natural law priorities for present and future generations. 4 SKIES maintains this commitment as its core driving value. 

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Our projects employ state-of-the-art natural gas power plants


Vertical farms are an integral part of our systems


Our projects make innovative use of water in a closed system


Carbon capture and sequestration is a foundation to what we do

By partnering with mainstream stakeholder communities to build cutting-edge infrastructures, 4 SKIES ensures that communities are at the heart of their development. Through a clean, balanced approach, the immediate needs of people will be met, while companies can provide long-term, consistent profit to support the development of healthy communities.

4 SKIES embodies a philosophy of change - a change in how we think about our values towards non-commoditized goods such as community wellbeing, ancient knowledge and sustainability. In contrast to dominant approaches to infrastructure, our projects will integrate “Traditional Ecological Knowledge” with the innovative technologies needed to confront the increasing scarcity of resources. Ultimately the business model of 4 SKIES strives to preserve life, knowledge and the environment while remaining competitive in the global marketplace. 

Through this collaborative approach, coupled with innovative technologies, a replicable model for global sustainability and environmental issues can be achieved.