Clean, Sustainable Energy for Future Generations


To address the growing need for energy and overcome the challenges posed by global warming, 4 SKIES has developed a holistic concept rooted in Traditional Ecological Knowledge for achieving clean and sustainable energy.

We have developed the Tri-Gen-Zero™ system by combining modern gas plant technologies with innovative carbon capture, heat reclamation, and vertical farm technologies to achieve zero CO2 emissions. 

At 4 SKIES, our leadership consists of four Indigenous businessmen who have come together to address a critical imbalance in mainstream energy, food, and water production in an innovative and sustainable manner while we transition to cleaner energy sources. 

We abide by the Indigenous perspective that we do not own the earth, but rather we borrow it from our grandchildren. Working with an Indigenous understanding of natural law, we strive to follow the ancient wisdom of our ancestors for a healthier, balanced approach to a sustainable life and environment.